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UK players and students look to US Tournament opportunity

7 Elite Academy players and students from Liverpool will get the opportunity to lay foundations for a career in the United States at next year’s International Tournament.

The 2021 7 Elite Academy International Tournament saw a record 200 top-level youth football teams from across the United States gather at venues in Southern Utah last week.

But with Covid-19 restrictions preventing international travel, 7 Elite Academy players from the UK were unable to defend the title they won in spectacular fashion in 2020.

Plans are, however, being drawn up to allow those players to return next year, alongside youngsters studying in Liverpool with 7 Elite Academy and Coaching Connexions.

7 Elite Academy UK at the International Tournament in the United States

Anthony Godfrey, 7 Elite Academy President, is keen for players and students to make the most of playing in front of a new audience in the United States.

He said: “The players who went in 2020 were absolutely devastated they couldn’t go back and retain what they won, although it is a great mindset for them to have that competitive passion.

“They know there will be future opportunities and next year they can hopefully go back, which will only create that mentality for the lads and something for them to look forward to.

“Definitely for next year, it won’t be just the one team going out there. The college are so passionate about doing the same and they wanted to do it this year.

“Something like this is so valuable in terms of recruitment and I’m not just talking about playing in the tournament. It’s also a showcase for players who are at the college.

“A lot of players want to go on and gain US college scholarships, so for them this will be a fantastic showcase window but also a great experience.”

Students are already benefitting from the collaboration between 7 Elite Academy and Coaching Connexions, which means they can gain qualifications while playing football.

That opportunity will expand to include 7 Elite Academy players from across the world, as part of the organization’s strategy to build a career pathway for young people.

“The pathway we have here doesn’t stop at 18,” Anthony said.

“We want to it to continue to 21, 22, or whatever life might look like for the players after the finish college.

“With this tournament, it is a good opportunity for students to go and compete well, and who knows that could happen, or what opportunities could come from it?”


James Shaw