Welcome to 2021 Player Registration

We are so excited that you are coming to join us this year to learn and develop your skills with top coaches.

The set-up fee (sign-on fee) is £ 35 per child, a once-off payment for the season, and allows parents to sign-up players and order kits. The Monthly fee is £ 40 for 1 player per month and a discounted rate for siblings of £ 35/ sibling per month. Monthly subscriptions payments are for 11 months, the first payment will be taken one month after the date of registration.

There are 2 forms needed to complete

  1. Set-up fee (sign-on fee, once-off £ 35/player) & Player/s Registration form and setting up a monthly payment (£ 40 for 1 player and £ 35/ sibling per month, for 11 months). This includes an extra 1 Month Trial period, on top of the 11 months, so that we can accomplish everything in one form.
  2. Uniform order form (in order to complete this you will be supplied the player no from your coach.) A link to this form will be available in the mail sent from the above form.

If you have multiple children, please sign up as normal and request the player discount rate of £ 35 per child by mailing UK Registration Team. At any point, if you need help please reach out to your coach or Anthony Godfrey, or call the academy  +44 (0)151 370 0098.

You will be directed to Paypal to set up an automatic payment after you submit the form.

    • Parent/Guardian 1
    • Parent/Guardian 2
    • Player's Details
    • Code of Conduct

    1st Parent or Guardian Contact Details

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