7 Elite Academy is a global football academy that offers players, coaches and teams consistent opportunities to develop and grow, both on and off the pitch.

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We are proud to wear the 7

Youth Football Academy in Liverpool

7 Elite Academy UK is part of the global 7 Elite Academy network, a world-class youth football academy that develops young people within an environment where they can maximise their potential.

We offer players the opportunity to create a successful and enriching future for themselves – both on and off the pitch – through hard work, good sportsmanship and dedication.

We have recruited coaching staff directly from clubs in the English Premier League, professional academies and national teams, as well as key sporting organisations in the United Kingdom, United States and beyond.

Regardless of ability, 7 Elite Academy players are supported in the development of their overall skills, technical ability and athletic potential.

Our total focus is on developing the whole player, whether in the classroom or on the pitch, to the very best of their potential.

We also host an international tournament every year in the states of Utah and Nevada, where over 500 teams actively compete.

Our Values


Our mission is to…

Provide a world-class youth football coaching program to all our athletes, helping to nurture and shape them to become successful individuals within football and equally importantly in life.


Our vision is to…

Become the world’s leading youth football academy. We want to get there by developing young players’ love of the game, using our world class coaching program to make them successful athletes and – most importantly – leaders of the future.


Ethics we live by…

Excellence. Tenacity. Honor. Innovation. Community. Sacrifice.


We strive for excellence on and off the pitch and always aim to fulfill our potential.


We show determination and persistence even in tough situations.


We represent ourselves and 7 Elite Academy with honor by knowing and doing what is morally right.


We come up with new ideas and solutions to overcome challenges.


We always consider our community and how we can add value to it.


We are prepared to make necessary sacrifices in order to achieve our goals.




The 7 Elite Team

Wayne Scholes

Executive Chairman
anthony godfrey director

Anthony Godfrey

stephen warnock ambassador

Stephen Warnock

James Shaw

James Shaw

Press Officer

“Coaches have helped improve my son’s overall game and confidence. He wasn’t keen on playing in defence at first, but he really enjoys it now and has made the position his own. It’s a brilliant set up on and off the pitch, and a chance for any child to develop.”


Parent of 7 Elite Academy UK player Sam McKenna


“I’ve not seen the training sessions myself, but from games I’ve seen the coaching set-up has impressed me with what they are trying to do during games. The coaching set up is the best I have seen outside a professional academy.”


Parent of 7 Elite Academy UK player Maddox Underwood


“Everyone at the academy is very supportive to the children and their parents. My family had a very good experience at 7 Elite Academy and the team is fantastic.””


Parent of 7 Elite Academy UK player Harris Powell


“Training and the team spirit is great. The Coaches and his teammates are all good lads! The set up and communication between parents and coaches is good, and the app they use for this is another plus point.”


Parent of 7 Elite Academy UK player Kayden McCullough