7 Elite Academy is a global football academy that offers players, coaches and teams consistent opportunities to develop and grow, both on and off the pitch. As well as training and playing alongside professional staff, you’ll have the chance to work with class-leading educators.


The 7 Elite Academy International Tournament is a global celebration of youth football.


The 7 Elite Academy ETHICS are Excellence, Tenacity, Honor, Innovation, Community and Sacrifice.

AFC Liverpool

AFC Liverpool is an independent football club that was set up in 2008 by Liverpool fans who were priced out of top flight football.

Coaching Connexions

Coaching Connexions aims to support students aged 16- 18 with gaining the skills and knowledge to progress within the Sports industry.


I am interesting in joining 7 Elite Academy UK as a...


best on the pitch

Coaches have helped improve my son’s overall game and confidence. He wasn’t keen on playing in defence at first, but he really enjoys it now and has made the position his own.

It’s a brilliant set up on and off the pitch, and a chance for any child to develop.

Parent of 7 Elite Academy UK player Sam McKenna

Everyone at the academy is very supportive to the children and their parents.

My family had a very good experience at 7 Elite Academy and the team is fantastic.

Parent of 7 Elite Academy UK player Harris Powell

I’ve not seen the training sessions myself, but from games I’ve seen the coaching set-up has impressed me with what they are trying to do during games.

The coaching set up is the best I have seen outside a professional academy.

Parent of 7 Elite Academy UK player Maddox Underwood

Training and the team spirit is great. The Coaches and his teammates are all good lads!

The set up and communication between parents and coaches is good, and the app they use for this is another plus point.

Parent of 7 Elite Academy UK player Kayden McCullough