7 Elite Academy is a global football academy that offers players, coaches and teams consistent opportunities to develop and grow, both on and off the pitch.

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AFC Liverpool

AFC Liverpool is an independent football club that was set up in 2008 by Liverpool fans who were priced out of top flight football. The club is owned by the fans and run by the fans. Anyone can become a member and have an equal vote on how the club develops. One member, one vote.

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An Hour For Others

An Hour For Others is a cause close to the hearts of everyone at 7 Elite Academy. Working in the heart of Liverpool, the charity helps the local community to improve lives and inspire many to play an active role in a better society.

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Litherland Sports Park

Litherland Sports Park is one of the finest facilities within the region, with a wide range of activities on offer for all ages and abilities.

It is the headquarters of 7 Elite Academy, offering a top-class 4G pitch, as well as several well-maintained grass pitches.

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Adidas one of the world’s best-known football brands, working with some of the biggest organisations in football and other sports across the globe.

7 Elite Academy is proud to work with Adidas in providing players with a professional uniform for all games and training sessions.

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The Football Association

The Football Association, formed in 1863, is the governing body of all football in England.

7 Elite Academy works closely with the FA in Merseyside to offer players and coaches opportunities to improve through seminars, classes and training courses.

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