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Excitement grows ahead of the return of grassroots football

7 Elite Academy UK will launch an immediate return to action for its players when grassroots football is reopened next week.

The much-awaited resumption of training comes after three months of Covid-19 restrictions, albeit with safety protocols still in place.

In Liverpool, 7 Elite Academy players will train at the earliest possible opportunity on March 29th, before further tournaments throughout the Easter holidays.

7 Elite Academy President Anthony Godfrey gives out advice to players

Youngsters will also benefit from college insight days, with opportunities to sample the 7 Elite Academy / Coaching Connexions programme.

Anthony Godfrey, 7 Elite Academy President, said: “We’re all looking forward to getting the players back doing what they love, and that’s playing football with 7 Elite Academy.

“We can’t wait to get back to work with them, backing working on those projects that we had in place before lockdown.

“It comes during the Easter holidays, so we’ve got plenty of time to spend with them on the pitch, with plenty of games booked in.

“We’ve got college insight days arranged during those two weeks, so there’s lots going on.”

National guidelines, such as social distancing and mask wearing indoors will be followed, as will any guidelines on a local basis at venues. Hand sanitizer will also be available.


James Shaw