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UK players to join 7 Elite SABA team-mates at US tournaments

Four players from the UK will join their 7 Elite Academy SABA team-mates to play in college showcase tournaments in the United States, as part of a regular series of exchange events.

The youngsters are students on the 7 Elite Academy UK educational programme, which offers opportunities to gain qualifications while playing football every day.

They will play a series of tournaments with team-mates at the 7 Elite Academy’s SABA 04 Boys team, which is dedicated to creating football scholarship opportunities for players.

Young people from 7 Elite Academy in the UK and USA regularly make exchange visits to further their footballing and educational prospects.

A team from Liverpool played in the 7 Elite International Tournament in Utah in 2020, where they also experienced college and training tours.

Several Utah based 7 Elite Academy teams have toured the UK to play against professional academies, while individual player visits across the Atlantic are also commonplace.

The players travelling next week will make key contacts with college and club staff in the United States, as they plot the next stage in their careers.

Anthony Godfrey, 7 Elite Academy Technical Director, will accompany the four players during the trip

He said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for the players, who have worked hard to make it happen.

“They fly out on December 6th and will play in the biggest college showcase tournaments in the United States, which are attended by the best scouts and recruitment staff.

“We always look to position ourselves in providing players who warrant these opportunities to be part of a pathway progression. Hopefully it could lead to further door opening opportunities for them.

“Players from the United States often join our teams in Liverpool and vice-versa, and we run a similar exchange programme with staff in Tanzania.

“I know the lads involved will make the most of the opportunity and secure the contacts that are vital moving forwards.”

The players are Olly Byrne, Jack Pearce, Dylan Seddon and Lucas Allan.

They will also be accompanied by Alan Moogan, who has recently joined the academy as Head of UK Coaching.

Moogan said: “I can’t wait to see how these four players, who work hard on single every aspect of their game, perform in the United States.

“The trip will give them an unbeatable insight into a different football culture, while also providing opportunities to be spotted by college recruitment staff.

“We have worked out a programme of tournaments, training and experiences that will make the most of their three weeks in the United States.

“Equally important is we will be setting the lads work while they’re out in the States, so they don’t miss out on any education.

“This is a chance to train, play and coach in a country where football can open so many doors in education.

“When they return, they’ll have a different outlook on their football careers that will serve them well for years to come.”

The four players will take part in tournaments in Salt Lake City, North Carolina and Florida, before they return home on December 21st.

7 Elite Academy’s educational programme is run in partnership with Coaching Connexions.

Wayne Scholes, Chairman of 7 Elite Academy, said: “I work closely with the SABA 04 Boys team and it will be fascinating to see how the UK players fit in. They are part of the team.

“This is an experience we want to offer all players in the UK, should they show the willingness to work and make the most of their talent.

“We are a global football academy, so it is natural that player and staff exchanges between the United States, United Kingdom and Africa are commonplace.

“For example, staff from our academy in Tanzania will attend the 7 Elite Academy International Tournament in Utah next February, which is very exciting.

“We offer all coaches the opportunity to see how the game is played in different cultures, which in turn helps our young people to find new ways to learn.

“I want these four lads travelling next week to use every single minute of the trip to set in place a career journey that will fulfil all their ambitions.”


James Shaw