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Safety will be priority when football returns on March 29th

7 Elite Academy UK will ensure players, coaches and parents follow Covid-19 safety protocols when training and playing resumes from March 29th.

The much-anticipated resumption of football activities, following a two-month lockdown, will see players once again take part in training sessions in Liverpool.

National guidelines, such as social distancing and mask wearing indoors will be followed, as will any guidelines on a local basis at venues. Hand sanitizer will also be available.

Nothing given up in midfield at the 7 Elite Academy UK Invitational Tournament

Anthony Godfrey, President of 7 Elite Academy, said: “As with everyone else connected with grassroots football, we are delighted to make a return to training and playing from March 29th.

“It has been a long time away from football and although our players have followed training programmes, there is nothing like getting back on the pitch.

“But we all have to take a responsible attitude towards Covid, from arrival at venues, during our time on the pitch and even when we go home afterwards.

“I want everyone connected with grassroots football to stay safe in their communities. That has to be our overriding priority if we’re to avoid another lockdown.”

“I am confident that our players and their families, along with our staff, are fully prepared to do whatever is necessary to follow guidelines.”


James Shaw