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Are these the best footballer Twitter accounts?

When the Premier League started way back in 1992, the Internet was just a glint in our collective eye.

Social media was something that took place in the pub or supermarket and club information could be accessed by Club Call (yeah, THOSE 0898 numbers…)

Today, footballers employ teams of people to manage their Instagram and Twitter accounts, building a sustainable profile both inside and outside the game.

Of course, we know which players have the biggest followings (Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar) but what about the best player Twitter accounts to follow?

Which players raise a giggle on social media, rather than just a stale nod of appreciation?

Andy Robertson – @andrewrobertso5

It’s no surprise that the Liverpool full-back is popular on Twitter – his appearances on LFC TV are the stuff of legend.

Usually, he’s sending his team-mates some absolute pelters – Trent Alexander-Arnold is a regular victim – but he also shows his softer side with some brilliant work in his community.

Peter Crouch – @petercrouch

Again, there is little surprise with this entry. ‘Crouchy’, as he is almost universally known, is an absolute hit on podcasts, videos and even TV.

On Twitter, he’s equally entertaining. Naturally self-depreciating, his content pokes fun at his height, playing career and anything else that comes to mind.

Marten De Roon – @Dirono

This one is a little out of left field. Marten’s role at Atalanta affords plenty of time to bang out the tweets and he’s a firm favourite of the Twitterati.

Again, he’s not afraid of self-depreciation and poking fun at his team-mates. But that’s what Twitter is for, right?

Michy Batshuayi – @mbatshuayi

The long-term Chelsea loanee has spent five years away from Stamford Bridge and in that time has become a social media star.

His banter with fans is one of the reasons why we love him, as is his total support for the clubs he plays for on loan. It’s a cracking account.

Rio Ferdinand – @rioferdy5

The former Leeds and Manchester United star seems to be everywhere these days – but his Twitter feed is an excellent window into professional football at the sharp end.

He enjoys banter with fans of all persuasion – especially Manchester City. Naturally enough.

So are these definitively the BEST footballer Twitter accounts? They’re just our opinion.

But Twitter is all about opinions – and disagreements, of course…


James Shaw