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7EA UK coach wants players to be role models

7 Elite Academy UK coach Robbie Smith wants his players to become role models for future stars of the game in Liverpool and beyond.

The academy, which is part of the internationally renowned 7 Elite Academy organisation, officially launched with a presentation in the city on Monday.

It will initially run teams in Under-12 and Under-14 boys leagues across Merseyside next season, with plans to expand throughout the UK over the next twelve months.

Smith, who has coached youth football in Liverpool for over seven years, expects his current players to provide inspiration for youngsters joining 7EA UK in the future.

He said: “Over the years, I have got to know these lads well and I know their personalities. I know what they can do and what they can go onto in life.

“The opportunities that come with 7EA are great, not just here in the UK but also over in the United States and with things like top-class coach education courses.

“I want the lads we’re coaching now to become role models for those youngsters who will start coming through when the academy starts getting four and five year olds playing football.

“I want them to look up to these players and and say that’s where they want to be and follow what they’ve been doing with us.”

7 Elite Academy also runs hundreds of youth football teams all over the world, including the United States and Africa, alongside close links with teams in Australia.

Over the last decade, 7EA has gained international recognition for training programmes that are developed and delivered by professional coaches from the sport’s top leagues.

And it is those opportunities which will benefit youngsters in Liverpool in coming years.

Smith added: “I approached Anthony Godfrey (7EA Global Technical Director) about starting in the UK because over the years I have seen players get older and when they get to 14, 15 and 16, they start going to different places and colleges, and teams start splitting up.

“Then some of them just stop playing, so I want something for the future, for when they get to 16, 17 and 18, something more to carry on.”


James Shaw