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7 Elite Academy youngsters set to play in UK

7 Elite Academy players from Utah will soon be studying and training in the soccer hotbed of Liverpool, thanks to a groundbreaking partnership with Coaching Connexions, one of the UK’s largest sports education groups.

The affiliation with will see 7 Elite Academy players from across the world study sports courses at the college, which is based at Jeffrey Humble Football Hub, Aintree and complemented by their new 4000 sq foot education centre just 1000m away.

Players listen to advice at the launch of our partnership with Coaching Connexions

Teams at the college in Liverpool will be branded as 7 Elite Academy, greatly expanding the reach of the organization and enabling it to offer world-class sporting and education programs.

Coaching Connexions was established in 2006 and is one of the leading sports training providers in the UK, with ten campuses spread across the country.

7 Elite Academy runs teams for thousands of youngsters across the world, with well-established training programmes in the United States, United Kingdom and East Africa.

Youngsters from Utah will undergo a rigorous selection process before travelling to the UK, with a focus on how they will benefit from living in one of the world’s most famous sporting cities.

Wayne Scholes, Chairman of 7 Elite Academy, said: “I grew up supporting Liverpool and surrounded by people from the city, so I know what a fantastic opportunity this is for our young people in Utah.

“They will receive first-class coaching from our professional staff, but also an unbeatable education from Coaching Connexions and the experience of living in such an incredible city with some of the warmest people you’ll ever meet in the world.

“Liverpool is also home to some of the best Universities in the UK, all of which have very close working links with leading Premier League and Championship clubs in North-West England.

“This is so exciting for everyone here at 7 Elite Academy, because it means we can set our young people on the course towards a career of their choice in a region that is at the heart of professional soccer.”

7 Elite Academy already works closely with leading semi-professional club AFC Liverpool and runs the club’s Under-18s side – offering further opportunities for players to progress within the game.

The organization offers regular opportunities for players to travel and player abroad as part of their development, with several groups from the United States having trained and played with Premier League clubs.

Gary Judge, Director of Education at Coaching Connexions, said: “It is really exciting that we are able to launch this partnership with 7 Elite Academy and work with players from across the world.

“The staff, coaches and players at 7 Elite Academy UK have a high level of professionalism and I look forward to welcoming young people with that same attitude from the United States.

“Our courses cover a wider range of sport-related subjects and the fact that we can offer high-level coaching means players can make a great start to their careers here in Liverpool.”

The partnership was launched at a high-profile event in Liverpool, featuring 7 Elite Academy Ambassador Stephen Warnock, who played 457 games at domestic and international level during a 16-year professional career.

Warnock said: “This a great opportunity for young people from 7 Elite Academy to experience coaching, education and student life in a famously soccer-mad city like Liverpool.

“One of the most important aspects of a player’s career is getting a good education as well as top-level coaching. Thanks to our partnership with Coaching Connexions they will get both.

“7 Elite Academy has worked hard to develop good working relationships with leading soccer clubs and colleges, and that is now paying off. For a player living in Utah, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”


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