7 Elite Academy is a global football academy that offers players, coaches and teams consistent opportunities to develop and grow, both on and off the pitch.

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7 Elite Academy launches in the United Kingdom

Players, parents and officials have given their seal of approval to the launch of 7 Elite Academy in the United Kingdom.

The organisation, which has developed thousands of players in the United States and Africa, held its first training session in Liverpool on Wednesday.

7EA UK will formally launch with a presentation on July 1st, initially running a number teams in leagues in Merseyside, playing and training at least three times a week.

Those present at the opening session said they are impressed with the 7 Elite Academy set-up, both in the UK and across the world.

Ben Metcalfe, who plays left wing, said: “It’s good that we will get more chances to play in more tournaments, especially in America and games against good teams, and even in front of scouts.

“I just want to play professionally wherever I can, but hopefully for Liverpool. Then I would like to play for LA Galaxy one day.”

Defender Ryan King Radford added: “I’ve heard a lot of very good things about 7 Elite Academy, and all the different things they do with players. It is exciting and I definitely want to play for Liverpool!”

Midfielder Harris Powell, meanwhile, said: “It looks like 7 Elite Academy will be very helpful for us to go far in life and enjoy playing football.

“I’ve seen the academy’s training sessions and other things on social media, so the prospect of travelling and playing is exciting.

“I just want to go far in life, play football for Everton one day and then one day for LA Galaxy in MLS.”

Steve Metcalfe, who will have two sons playing for 7 Elite Academy, is looking forward to working with the organisation.

He said: “We’ve known Anthony Godfrey, from 7EA, for some time and we’ve been speaking about his plans for some time. It is very exciting to hear what those prospects are all about.

“We all think it sounds like a good opportunity for the players and knowing Anthony like we do, we’re going to be in very good hands.

“My oldest lad Ben has won all sorts of competitions with his team and they’re a good side, so it will be good to see them develop. My youngest son Luke also plays with the club and they have the makings of a good team.”

Steve Mitchell, meanwhile, will coach the Under-12 side. He said: “I have known Anthony for about ten years and he has built up a very good reputation with what he’s done in football.

“One of the biggest reasons for us coming to 7 Elite Academy is the opportunity for the kids to do something different within grass roots football.

“There are opportunities for scholarships, the prospect of playing adult football and even the chance for players to develop themselves in coaching. It opens up a wide range of options.”


James Shaw