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Moogan predicts bright future for 7 Elite Academy in UK

Alan Moogan believes 7 Elite Academy is on track to become one of the leading grassroots football organisations in Merseyside.

Moogan was appointed Head of UK Coaching at 7 Elite Academy last month, following a seven-year youth coaching and management stint at Liverpool FC.

During his time with Liverpool, he worked with youth players in the UK and abroad, developing coaching curriculums and identifying new talent.

The former Everton midfielder will follow the successful global curriculum at 7 Elite Academy, maximising players’

potential in football and education.

Moogan said: “7 Elite Academy has invested in a world-class coaching system in the UK that offers opportunities at all levels of player development, from Pre Academy through to older teenage groups.

“I want to support and develop that with the help of the coaching team, through to potentially becoming a professional development academy with our own facility.

“Our priority is to capitalise on the high quality of the curriculum we offer, which will in turn help to create better pathways for young people we work with.

“Then there is no reason why we can’t be one of the leading providers of grassroots football in the region.”

Moogan is looking forward to working with staff and players in the UK, while making the most of 7 Elite Academy’s working links with the United States and Africa.

He added: “We already have fantastic coaches in Liverpool, who are doing great work at Under-11, Under-14 and Under-16 levels, not to mention our links with AFC Liverpool.

“This gives us opportunities to invest in talent and make sure all players have the chance to reach their goals, be that in football or education.

“With the links we have in the United States and Africa, in terms of scholarship and college programmes, we are creating even more ways to do just that.

“Some of the UK based players have already been over to the United States and they’ve had the chance to see different opportunities.

“With the pathway, we can show young people how they can experience different cultures and that’s really important.”


James Shaw